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See below for some of my current workshopsalso hope to start trialling new workshops in local schools. Please get in touch if you're a primary teacher or librarian in North London (Haringey, Barnet and Camden area) and you'd like a FREE workshop for years 5 or 6 on editing your work, making a non-fiction book or writing instructional text. 

Sample Workshops

Tell Me a Story!

Everyone can be a storyteller! Fun, interactive session where children listen to a traditional version of Little Red Riding Hood, break it down (with prompts, visual story-mapping and looking for patterns), then practise telling the story themselves, working in groups then pairs, as storyteller and 'director' helper.

Towards the end of the session, children can volunteer to put on a storyteller's hat or cloak, and tell their favourite part of the story to the rest of the class. 

Best for: Years 2 and 3

National Curriculum links: Fairytales and traditional tales, story patterns, development of vocabulary and oral language skills, role-play and drama

Session length: 45 mins - 1 hour*

* in longer sessions, children draw a favourite character and write down a memorable sentence from the story

Scared Little Red Riding Hood

NOTE: Children do not do a sustained piece of writing in this workshop but it's ideal prep for teachers getting a great piece of writing out of their class later!  

Sue Nicholson school workshop.png

Storybag Characters 


This session starts with a discussion about fairytale characters and why they are often two-dimensional. We talk about books the children have enjoyed recently with a focus on what makes a truly memorable character. 

Children then work in groups to explore tactile storybags filled with imaginative props to help them identify then flesh out a traditional fairytale character, using worksheets provided. Towards the end of the session, volunteers can choose a prop that has inspired them and share their created character with the rest of the class.  

Best for: Years 4-6

National Curriculum links: Thinking creatively about character and story, familiarity with traditional tales, identifying themes and use of magical devices, role play and drama

Session length: 45 mins - 1 hour*

* In longer sessions, we may work together as a class to come up with a hree-act story arc based around one of the children's created characters 

'... the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and you certainly helped to inspire them too.'

Green Oaks Primary, March 2020

I usually hold four workshops over a full school day (plus interactive story sessions in Reception and Year One), working with groups or classes of up to 30 children. I can adjust workshops lengths to fit around your timetable and work with single classes or with children of mixed ages (useful if you're tapping into a pupil premium budget!)

I hold enhanced DBS certification and have public liability insurance. Please note, teachers and any TAs working with particular pupils need to be present throughout, to ensure sessions run smoothly and my insurance is valid.


Requirements: Car parking space please if I'm bringing my props! and something to write on (white board or A3 pad on easel with a marker pen.

Fees: Please get in touch to discuss fees. I usually charge £350-£400 for a full day; £200 for a half day. Discounts for local schools (around North London). Schools further afield may incur an extra charge towards travel expenses.

Useful links:

Society of authors: Guide for schools on organising a school visit

Book Trust: Arranging an author or illustrator visit

Patron of Reading: Finding a patron – FAQs for schools

New Workshops

Becoming an Editor!

• Why editing matters (with funny examples)

• What book editors do – types of editing (structural or 'big picture' editing, line-editing and editing illustrations), with examples from different books, both fiction and illustrated non-fiction

• How writers edit their own work (you may be surprised how many drafts they go through and how much changes)

• Tips and tricks for editing your own writing

Session length: 30-45 minutes

Best for: Years 4-6

Making an Information Book

• Exploring different ways of presenting information in non-fiction books (with examples)

• Thinking about who a book is for, how it is illustrated, and the amount and type of text on a page

• Getting your facts right – where to look for information and how to be sure it's correct

• Having a go writing and designing a  'spread' for an information book (using worksheets and resources provided)

Session length: 45 minutes – 1 hour

Best for: Years 4-6

Here's How...


• Looking at different kinds of instructional text and talking about why it's important 

• Getting it wrong (with silly examples)

• Getting it right (thinking it through – breaking down the stages, ordering information) 

• Thinking about language use and clear writing.

• Having a go!

Session length: 45 mins

Best for: Years 4-6

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