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More Information Books

DK Eyewitness Workbooks Medieval Life
Eyewitness Workbooks
Medieval Life  • Ancient Rome

DK • 48pp • reissued 2020

Activity books, perfect for projects, with facts, things to do, challenges and quizzes. 

Castle life, EW worksbook Medieval Life

Oher commissions for DK include researching and writing new end sections (timelines, Q&A, fascinating facts, things to do and glossaries) for EW paperback reissues, planning/scamping around 50 giant fold-out wall charts, producing material (mini books, maps, etc) for Eyewitness Project Packs, creating workbooks from backlist assets, revamping activity books, and writing information-based early readers

Eyewitness Wall Charts
Ancient Egypt • Ancient Greece • Ancient Rome • Astronomy • Aztec • Arms & Armour • Battle • Bird • Castle • Crystal & Gem • Dinosaur • Evolution • Football • Great Scientists • Horse • Human Body • Insect • Jungle • Knight • Medieval Life • Modern China • Moon • Oil • Pirate • Rock & Mineral • Shark • Soldier • Spy • Titanic • Tudor • Victorians • Volcano • Water • Whale • World War I • World War II

DK • paperback reissues 

A few of my non-fiction books (including activity books) new and backlist for client reference:

Non-fiction workshops for kids! 

Some children don't enjoy reading fiction but they're happy to pick up a factual book about a subject that fascinates them, whether that's sharks, football, or vampire bats. Non-fiction workshops are a great way of engaging these children and validating their reading choices. I'm currently developing several non-fiction workshops for years 4-6. More information coming soon.

I've always loved non-fiction. Me and my brother used to get a brilliant comic called Look and Learn when we were kids, packed with stories and articles about volcanoes, spacecraft, dinosaurs and how seeds grow. Then, in the last year of primary school, we had time each week to make our own information books. These A4 sheets, folded into booklets with card covers and hand-sewn spines, could be about ANYTHING and I made loads – about birds, flowers, trees, flags, and mountains and volcanoes, with labelled drawings, glued-in photographs and hand-written captions – maybe it was inevitable I'd graviatate towards children's non-fiction....


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